President’s Message

Aiming to be
a company with ultimately high loyalty

Since our founding in 1946, the KOSÉ Group’s ongoing purpose has been to inspire hopes and dreams through beauty. In 1991, the launch of our corporate identity gave us an opportunity to clearly set out this concept as our mission, and we have continued to achieve steady growth to the present day by combining intellect and sensitivity to create a culture and values embodying a distinctive beauty through a sophisticated fusion of sensuousness and intelligence. With our corporate message of “Creating Beauty in a Sustainable World,” announced at the same time as we set out our mission, we also demonstrate our commitment to sharing all of our insights in the field of beauty and to helping both people and our precious planet in our role as a company that creates beauty.

Today, informed by our medium-to-long-term VISION 2026, our aim for the KOSÉ Group is to become a company with ultimately high loyalty and evolve into a business with a unique global presence. Through our dedication to being a source of beauty for everyone, our continual and world-leading creation of innovative value, and our delivery of a diverse range of original and attractive brands, we aim to be the company of choice for as many of our stakeholders as possible. We also prioritize people and planet, and aspire to be a company that contributes to both through our business activities. To provide a clearer picture of our approach, we formulated the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan in 2020, linking our sustainability policies and our VISION 2026. Through this integration and by incorporating and implementing sustainability in all of our business activities, including from a value-creation perspective, we aim both to achieve business growth and to build a sustainable society.

President & CEO, KOSÉ CorporationKazutoshi Kobayashi