Together with the Community

Aiming for harmony and symbiosis

The KOSÉ Group regards harmony and coexistence with the countries and regions in which a business is being operated as important issues, and local employment and local procurement play an important role in contributing to the sustainable development of these countries and regions by supporting the concept (ISO26000, etc.). Based on this philosophy, we strive for economic and social contribution activities through business activities such as local employment and local procurement.
We are also actively engaged in social contribution activities through industry-academia collaboration and cosmetics.In order to continue to be a company that is valued in each country and region, we will expand the scope of our activities, enhance their quality, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society as a corporate citizen.

Support Programs in Disaster-Stricken Areas

The KOSÉ Group would like to extend its support to those affected by major disasters and is providing assistance according to each situation.

Efforts towards Sports Development

Please see the following page.
Various Efforts to Promote Sports

Organize beauty courses

Our sales offices in each area receive requests from local nursing and care facilities, schools, NPO groups, etc. to hold beauty classes (make-up practice, skin care practice, grooming classes, etc.) that only a cosmetics manufacturer can provide. We try our best to adjust our schedule and conduct beauty classes according to their requests. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the participants is a source of encouragement for the members of the sales offices that conduct the courses.

* Number of beauty classes held:

Sustainability data

View of the “Tukui Sunshine Machida East Building”

Giving support in the creation of the “The Big Investigation! The Power of Makeup” comic

We have been supporting Kodansha BC Ltd. in the creation of their “Field Trip Comic” series.The comic series was created in hope of teaching the children that carry the future on their shoulders the role make-up plays and the importance of having a healthy skin. These are distributed across the entire country’s elementary schools and public libraries. E-book is available here.

* We are also offering copies to anyone who’d like one. If you are interested, please feel free to send us an inquiry.
(Public relations office:

“The Big Investigation! The Power of Make-up”

Supporting the healthy development of the next generation

The Group promotes a variety of initiatives to foster healthy development while encouraging cultivation of rich sensibilities among children as leaders of our future. We set up a pavilion at KidZania Tokyo where visitors can experience beauty-related professions firsthand while developing diverse sensibilities based on the concept of diversity and inclusion. In addition, KOSE also conducts activities at the kindergartens and other facilities to promote the habit of skin care and UV care among children from an early age in order to support the development of healthy skin.

  • KidZania Tokyo: Beauty experience for any gender

  • Kindergartens: Initiative to promote skin care routine

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Improving QOL through foundation (supporting the lives of people with intractable diseases)

Porphyria is an incurable form of sun sensitivity. Currently, there is no fundamental treatment for this disease, and it is necessary to shield the entire body from the sun with clothing to prevent the onset of the disease. As a result of a trial test using a foundation with a high protective effect against the action of porphyrin, the causative agent of the disease, KOSÉ confirmed that some people were able to expand the range of their outdoor activities by using the foundation. Based on the result, we have been providing the products to patients free of charge since 2012 in collaboration with dermatologists at our partner hospitals.
KOSÉ will continue to research and foster human resources to expand the range of conventional cosmetics, so that everyone can lead a healthy and happy life.

Results of Support for Porphyria Patients : Sustainability data

Support for Students’ Company Visit

As part of the “Period of Integrated Study” initiative promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the number of junior high and high school students conducting company visits has been increasing. Many learning methods involve students selecting a company in their field of interest, and then presenting what they have learned through dialogue with that company in class at a later date. We also provide support to students in a variety of ways, such as accepting their visits to our company, online dialogue and Q&A sessions, as well as visiting schools for lectures. We extend our support to these junior and senior high school students, in hope of providing options they can choose from for their future and career.

* In fiscal years 2020 and 2021, acceptance activities have been suspended due to the prevention of new coronavirus infection.

Students Attending a Course

Contribution to the development of cosmetology

The KOSÉ Cosmetology Research Foundation was established in 1990 by Kozaburo Kobayashi, the founder of KOSÉ. The foundation has continued its activities with the aim of contributing to the realization of beautiful and affluent lives by providing financial support for research projects related to cosmetology, thereby helping to improve people’s health and beauty. Currently, the Foundation offers four grant programs for researchers nationwide who are ambitiously engaged in cosmetology research: “The Cosmetology Research Grant”, “The University Chair Research Grant”, “The International Exchange Grant”, and “The Academic Meeting Support Grant”, as well as “The KOSÉ Cosmetology Encouragement Award”, an award program designed to encourage the publication of academic papers and promote the return of research results to society. KOSÉ has continuously supported the activities of the foundation since its establishment.
The Cosmetology Research Foundation

*In June 2022, Kazutoshi Kobayashi (President & CEO of KOSE Corporation) was appointed as the 4th Chairman of the Foundation.

*In November 2019, the company name was changed from Cosmetology Research Foundation to KOSÉ Cosmetology Research Foundation.

*The Foundation has been certified by the Cabinet Office as a public interest, and was transferred to the public interest incorporated foundation in October 2011.

Foundation’s business and business results(JP)

The 33nd Award and Presentation Ceremony Cosmetology Research Grant Awardees

Beauty school developing future specialists

In 1968, Kozaburo Kobayashi, the founder of KOSÉ Corporation, founded KOSÉ Beauty College in Kita-ward, Tokyo based on his belief that nurturing beauty experts is also an important business. He assumed the first principal of the College. Ever since the foundation the College has produced many talented resources in the beauty field for nearly half a century. The name was renewed as Tokyo Hair Make-Up Technical School in 1997, then as KOSÉ Beauty Academy in 2016.
Guided by the principle of placing importance on human development, we created the hair design course for aspiring hairdressers, hair and make-up artists, and bridal stylists, and the beauty design course for aspiring beauty advisors, eyelash technicians and nail artists. Through our curriculum that prepares students to pass the National Beautician Examination, we are working to develop human resources who can play an active role as professional beauty experts.
KOSÉ Koto Biyo Gakko (Beauty Technical College)

Hair Designer Course

Beauty Designer Course