Message from CEO

In 1991, through the introduction of CI (Corporate Identity), the KOSÉ Group initiated the corporate philosophy “Create a culture and values embodying a distinctive beauty through a sophisticated fusion of sensuousness and intelligence,” and communicated our corporate message of “Creating beauty in a sustainable world” to the public. This message embodies our strong determination to generate all possible wisdom and beauty that can help people and our planet as a “Beauty Creation Company.”
In 1997, we formed a group-wide “Global Environment Committee” to promote social and environmental initiatives through “beauty”, including business activities and social efforts. In 2017, we signed the United Nations Global Compact, and are aiming to contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that only the KOSÉ Group can.

What we wish to achieve today is to realize a healthy society and future world in which people possess full confidence and vitality, can recognize each other’s individuality, and where everyone can live with peace of mind. To that end, we would like to use all of our “beautiful wisdom”.

To achieve this goal, we established a dedicated organization for creating a sustainability strategy in 2019, and announced the “KOSÉ Sustainability Plan (PDF)” in April 2020, which set goals for 2030 to benefit people and the earth. Going forward, we will face various important social and global environmental issues in earnest, and promote this plan throughout the Group.
Based on the medium-to-long-term vision, VISION 2026, we are “a company dedicated to being a source of beauty for everyone”, we incorporate the perspective of sustainability in value creation, and we promote business growth through activities aimed at people and our planet, thereby aiming to achieve a sustainable society.

Kazutoshi Kobayashi

President & CEO KOSÉ Corporation