Human Resource Development and Career Development

Developing human resources and creating an environment in which they can play an active role

Our philosophy of existence is “to create unique and beautiful values and culture by integrating wisdom and sensitivity. In order to create “beautiful” value for each and every customer and to become a “company with a global presence,” human resource development is one of the most important management foundations. Innovation cannot be realized without the power of human resources. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to create an environment in which diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their abilities.

Human Resource Development Philosophy and Policy for the Development of Skills

The KOSÉ Group Code of Conduct clearly states that we will respect the human rights, diverse capabilities, individuality, and values of each person. Based on this code, we have formulated the Human Resource Development Philosophy and the Policy for the Development of Skills.

Human Resource Development Philosophy

Enabling employees to enjoy fulfilling lives and express their creativity is an essential component
of the progress and growth of KOSÉ.

Policy for the Development of Skills

  • Self-improvement while reflecting the desire of employees to upgrade skills and
    take charge of their career paths is the basis for skills development.
  • Maintain workplace environments that support people with a desire for self-improvement in many ways.
  • Constantly provide opportunities for self-improvement that encompass all stages of careers and levels of jobs.
  • Every business unit of KOSÉ has practical education and training programs for professional skills.

Personnel Development and Creating Innovation

Learning everything about work from scratch in the training for fresh recruits.

Presentations from co-creation projects with KOSÉ at Innovation Program 2020

To put into practice the “self-improvement” that is promoted in the Policy for the Development of Skills, KOSÉ emphasizes an approach based on learning and growing while utilizing the diversity of each individual, sharing its philosophy and goals with employees. As a support system, many employees have realized their dreams by utilizing the human resource open recruitment system and self-reporting system that allow them to consider and realize their careers on their own. In addition, we have a wide range of training systems and correspondence education subsidies in place for employee growth. From the time of joining the Company, we conduct level-specific training that includes career planning regularly at each milestone, along with training for skills development that is conducted according to role. We have also introduced a talent management system and conduct 360-degree evaluations to develop human resources tailored to each individual’s aptitude. KOSÉ also provides opportunities for practical training that matches the activities of specific business units and departments to encourage personal growth. In addition, we have a Company-wide project for generating ideas and proposals for cosmetics products that provide customers with new types of value. Taking advantage of diversity and inclusion for the creation of innovative ideas is the primary objective of this project.

Nurturing Innovative Corporate Culture

As business becomes more global and borderless in nature, and the market environment and customer needs change rapidly, it is essential that we spread diversity and inclusion (D&I) and develop human resources with diverse personalities and backgrounds as a corporate culture. We aim to develop human resources who are full of ideas and innovations beyond the status quo, and who can always play an active role in the creation process. The LINK* innovation creation program, LINK*, which has been in place since fiscal 2017 and aims to create new value in beauty, is part of a system to support enthusiasm and a spirit of challenge, in which employees who will lead the next generation combine the Company’s strengths and resources with the latest technologies and innovating thinking of external start-up companies and use design thought to identify customer needs in an effort to create and commercialize new products and services with novel thinking. In addition, by incorporating training and group work using online tools into the program, LINK realizes high-frequency and high-density communication online with participants from remote locations and overseas, further accelerating and deepening program discussions. Since FY2022, the scope of LINK has been expanded to include our group companies, and the group as a whole is working to create innovations.

*LINK (Leadership and Innovation program for New KOSÉ) is an internal venture program started in 2017.

Human Resource Development Program

Human Resource Development Program

Promotion of education and awareness about human rights and diversity management

Toward a work place that respect diversity

Creating a healthy work environment is important for the growth of a company  and to the employees who are the source of its competitive edge. As a cosmetics company, KOSÉ promotes human rights awareness training and diversity management, with the aim of fostering a work environment in which diverse personalities can flourish. The KOSÉ Human Rights Policy and KOSÉ Group Action Guidelines stipulates respect for the human rights of every individual, and does not engage in any activities that lead to discrimination. We promote awareness and understanding in the workplace, and strive to create a healthy work environment that respects diversity. In addition, the KOSÉ Group respects the rights of its employees. In accordance with international principles such as the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, which prohibits discriminatory treatment, child labor, and forced labor, and calls for respect for the principle of equal pay for equal work as well as for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, we comply with labor-related laws and labor-management agreements in the countries and regions where we operate, engage in sincere dialogue and consultations with employees and employee representatives, and strive to build constructive relationships.
With regard to raising awareness about human rights internally, we conduct various forms of activities in order to foster knowledge and awareness that is considered necessary in each specific department and employee position.

Increasing Employee Engagement

At KOSÉ, we regard employees as an important asset and foundation that supports the enhancement of corporate value. We believe that increasing employee engagement and willingness to contribute will revitalize the organization and strengthen competitiveness. Therefore, with the aim of creating a comfortable and rewarding workplace, we regularly conduct employee awareness surveys and 360-degree evaluations. The results of the survey are reported to management and the Management Policy Review Committee, where the results are analyzed, issues organized, and measures examined and taken. The fiscal 2022 survey found that loyalty to the Company and sense of fulfillment in work tended to be higher than the average value for society as a whole, and that women employees’ satisfaction with the Company improved significantly compared to the previous survey.
In fiscal 2017, we established the “Create a Great Place to Work” project, which is chaired and vice-chaired mainly by executives and HR department managers. Activities are selected from a diverse group of employees across departments to promote various initiatives to further increase employee engagement.

Together with Our Employees /Human Rights