Message from CEO and Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Structure

Diverse individuality is the source of innovation and creates the future.

As we have stated in our corporate message “Wisdom and Beauty for People and the Earth,” it is imperative that all of our business activities connect people, including customers, suppliers, employees of the KOSÉ Group, and business partners.

No person is the same. Each individual is a different person, and a diverse backbone including gender, skin color, social, cultural, and geographical background, living environment, religion, creed, and physical characteristics, forms the individuality of a “person.” That is why we are promoting activities that recognize and respect different personalities. We believe that the combination of wisdom and sensitivities stemming from different personalities will create innovative and entirely new values for “beauty,” and will eventually achieve our group’s unique “adaptability” and “sustainability” for a diverse range of global customers and markets. For KOSÉ that has long been taking up a mission to provide people with dreams and hopes through beauty while embracing a concept of “beauty for each and every one of our customers,” it is a natural extension to take advantage of the strengths of each and every one of us to collaborate to create a society where everyone can play an active role.

Pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion means exploring the source of innovation. In order to realize the goals of “KOSÉ Sustainability Plan” , “a society where everyone is full of confidence and vitality, and recognizes each other’s individuality” and “a healthy future of the earth where everyone can live with peace of mind”, we will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and aim to create new value for “beauty” by fusing the “beautiful wisdom” in each and every one of us.

Promotion Structure

Since human resources are the cornerstone of management, we value the individuality of each and every employee and continue to empower them and improve the working environment. In order to clarify this stance and promote DE&I as part of our enterprise management strategy, we organized a cross-function committee in 2017 to plan and execute various initiatives to support the activities of diverse employees. In cooperation with the Human Resources Team responsible for human resource development, the committee is promoting company-wide initiatives while presenting regular reports and getting approvals from the top management team.

Diversity & Inclusion