Medium-to Long-term Targets of Activity Themes

The KOSÉ Group signed the United Nations Global Compact in July 2017.
We support the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set forth by the United Nations, and the KOSÉ Group will contribute to their achievement.
The goals will be reviewed by the Sustainability Promotion Committee from time to time.

Medium-to Long-term Targets of Activity Themes and Linkage with SDGs

For People

Activity Theme Commitment Indicators Target Achieve by Examples of Specific Measures Relevant SDGs
For People A source of adaptable products and services We will help create a world where people with diverse backgrounds and features-including skin color, gender, sociocultural and geographical background, living environment, religion, creed, and physical features-can live confidently and beautifully. Ratio of products and services reflecting the concept of adaptability 100% 2030
  • Design products for various skin colors and qualities
  • Adopt universal design
  • Improve accessibility by using digital technology
  • Develop beauty techniques that accommodate diversity
Goal 5 Goal 10 Goal 12 Goal 16
Support for a beautiful, healthy and happy life We will energetically address social issues so that everyone can lead a healthy and happy life. Activities will include improving quality of life (QOL), educating and raising the awareness of the next generation, and initiatives such as Fair Trade that will enhance the work environment, including in our supply chain. Implementation of specific activities 500 or more activities 2030
  • Innovate technology development
  • Improve employee health through health and productivity management
  • Support sports to raise health awareness
  • Educate and raise the awareness of the next generation about health issues (UV protection and moisturizing)
Goal 3 Goal 4 Goal 5 Goal 12
Responsible palm oil procurement 100% 2030
  • Procure and use certified sustainable palm oil
  • Collaborate with suppliers for human rights
    (responsible procurement; for example, no child labor)
Goal 8 Goal 12
Help create a world with true gender equality We will conduct awareness-raising and other activities that help to eliminate the gender gap not only in the KOSÉ Group, but elsewhere in Japan and around the world. Gender equality awareness 1 million or more people 2030
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the KOSÉ Group
  • Conduct activities to educate and raise awareness of the gender gap
  • Support education for young women
Goal 4 Goal 5 Goal 8 Goal 10

For the Earth

Activity Theme Commitment Indicators Target Achieve by Examples of Specific Measures Relevant SDGs
For the Earth Use the theme of beauty to help solve environmental issues Focus on beauty while promoting activities to resolve environmental issues. We will also communicate these initiatives to the general public to make many consumers aware of environmental issues and expand our network for solving issues using the theme of beauty. Area planted with coral reefs 20,000m2

20,000m2 About 53 times the area of a 25m regulation-size swimming pool

  • Evolve SEKKISEI Save the Blue activities

    Target is total area since 2009

Goal 12 Goal 13 Goal 14 Goal 15
Increase in awareness of environmental issues through products and services 10 million people or more 2030
  • Evolve SEKKISEI Save the Blue activities
  • Conserve the environment and raise awareness in each business
  • Reduce indirect materials by developing long-selling products
Environmental programs where KOSÉ operates We will coexist and prosper with local communities, conducting environmental conservation activities with a focus on production facilities, which affect the environment. Local community environmental conservation activities 20 activities or more 2030
  • Activities to protect the environment in which KOSÉ operates, such as around Japan’s southern Alps, with a focus on areas where the production and R&D facilities of the KOSÉ Group and its affiliated companies are located
Goal 13 Goal 14 Goal 15
Lower the overall environmental impact of business operations Reduce CO2 emissions SCOPE1・2 ▲55%*1 2030
  • Use renewable energy
  • Install energy-efficient equipment
  • Utilize innovative technology
  • Implement fuel conversion
  • Reduce CO2 across the value chain
Goal 7 Goal 13
Carbon Neutrality 2040
SCOPE3 ▲30%*1 2030
SCOPE1・2・3 Net Zero 2050
Sustainability-conscious design for plastic packaging materials Use of containers and packaging materials aligned with the 4Rs 100%*2 2030
  • Usage of containers and packaging materials aligned with the 4Rs (reduce/reuse/recycle/ renewable)
Goal 12 Goal 13
Usage rate of recycled and biomass plastic 50%*2
  • Use recycled plastic and biomass plastic for new containers and packaging
  • Switch type of plastic used in containers for existing products
Amount of usage of petroleum-based virgin plastic ▲50%*3

(Production units vs.2018)

Refillable container share To be disclosed in 2025
  • Promote usage of refillable containers
Waste reduction for the purpose of responsible resource utilization At least 20 waste reduction and resource recycling initiatives 2030
  • Promote environmentally-conscious design that enables easy separation and recycling of waste
  • Collaborate with suppliers in reducing waste
Goal 12 Goal 13
Zero non-recyclable waste*4 2025
  • Promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) for reducing waste
Goal 12 Goal 13
Reduce use of water resources through responsible practices 12%*4

(Production units vs. 2018)

  • Promote the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) for water resources
Goal 6 Goal 12
Procure sustainable palm oil to protect the environment and grow with society. Responsible palm oil procurement 100% 2030
  • Procure and use certified sustainable palm oil
  • Collaborate with suppliers to protect the environment
Goal 12 Goal 15

*1 Figures are scheduled to be updated in August 2024, following third-party verification.

*2 Figures for new products launched within the target achievement year

*3 Figures for products shipped during the target achievement year

*4 KOSÉ Group Production Department

About Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Quoted from
the Global Compact Network Japan website

In September 2015, member states (193 states) of the United Nations adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda in the next 15 years. This agenda is called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
SDGs is an expansive challenge by the entire world to engage to ensure that no one is left behind. It includes issues that were not fully addressed in the Millennium Development Goals, 17 goals such as worsening environmental issues discussed in Rio+20, and 169 targets.

Activity Themes and Their Impact on the Value Chain

The six activity themes defined in the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan involve the entire product life cycle and value chain from planning, research, development and raw material procurement to disposal or reuse, but we expect them to have the greatest impact on our value chain in the areas shown below. The six primary categories involve the entire value chain.

Sustainability Plan