Shareholder Information (As of December 31, 2023)

Stock Overview

Total number of shares authorized
Total number of shares issued and outstanding
Number of shareholders

Major Shareholders

Name Number of shares
Shareholding ratio
Kazutoshi Kobayashi 6,429 10.6
Takao Kobayashi 6,347 10.5
Masanori Kobayashi 6,243 10.3
Master Trust Bank of Japan, T. 5,262 8.7
Kazuo Kobayashi 1,926 3.2
Custody Bank of Japan, T. 1,599 2.6
JPMorgan Chase Bank 385632 1,561 2.6
Kose Cosmetology Research F. 1,279 2.1
Yasukiyo Kobayashi 1,253 2.1
State Street Bank&Trust 505223 1,196 2.0

Note 1: The number of shares owned is rounded down to the nearest thousand shares. The percentage of shares owned is rounded to the first decimal place.
Note 2: In addition to the above, KOSÉ owns 3,535,000 shares of treasury stock (shareholding ratio: 5.8%).

Distribution of Shares

Number of Shareholders

Note: Both the distribution of shares and the number of shareholders include:
(1) 3,535,001 shares of treasury stock held by one shareholder in “Individuals and others;” and
(2) 3,810 shares of unregistered stock for one shareholder under the custody of Japan Securities Depository Center in “Other domestic corporations.”