When was KOSÉ established?
KOSÉ was established on June 11, 1948.
*The foundation of KOSÉ was on March 2, 1946.
When was KOSÉ listed?
KOSÉ was listed on the over-the-counter market (now JASDAQ) on December 16, 1999, and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 4, 2000.
On April 4, 2022, KOSÉ transitioned to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is KOSÉ's securities code?
How many shares are in a unit for sale?
One unit consists of 100 shares.
When is the end of KOSÉ's fiscal year?
December 31.
Do you have earnings announcements?
KOSÉ announces its financial results every three months.
When is the general meeting of shareholders held?
The general meeting of shareholders is scheduled to be held in late March each year.
Please refer to the“IR Calendar”page.